Net user still answering spam from 1998

28th Aug 2006, 11:00 pm

Internet user Nigel Swanson is reportedly still replying to junk emails he received as far back as 1998.

"You should see my in box" he said. "I just have a ton of stuff to get through." When asked why he didn't simply delete the unsolicited emails he replied "Well, these folks have gone to the bother of contacting me, and even though I'm not interested in penile extensions per se, it seems rude not to send a brief thank-you note."

Many of the emails in Mr Swanson's in box purport to be from names such as 'VAN gOGH' and 'Sexy Ladee' but he reads and replies to them none the less. Others are auto-generated and often contain simply junk text, or foreign characters.

"Yeah, those take a lot of time to deal with" said Swanson "as you have to start by running them through language translators, and that doesn't always work. So usually I email the sender and try to establish what they were trying to say. Some of these have lead to quite a paper trail, I can tell you. It's almost as if the more you respond to them, the more emails you get!"


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