Who knobbed my dog?

3rd Jan 2006, 12:00 am

ITV are hoping they have another huge reality hit on their hands for the new year with the launch of "Who knobbed my dog?"

The show will be hosted by club owner and man-about-town Peter Stringfellow. Each week 8 'celebrities' will be locked in a back room with Peters dog, a four year old labrador bitch called Honey.

The contestants take it upon themselves to decide who makes love with the dog and when Peter returns an hour later he simply has to work out "Who knobbed my dog?"

Tapes were not available for review but Dog Toilet have it on good authority that the pilot was astonishing, with Honey proving herself the real star of the show, along with shamed and vindicated TV host John Leslie.

In the first show it'll be interesting to see who gets a taste of 'Honey'... Joe Pasqale, or maybe Jenny Agutter? Stay tuned to find out.


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