Google to 'google' bloggers

13th Sep 2005, 11:00 pm

Internet search giant Google has announced it will now deliver results from the estimated 17 million weblogs - or 'blogs' - around the world.

It was felt that more oxygen for the self-publicising 'blogerati' - the cream of the webloggers - was urgently needed. This will help Internet users generally to be properly informed by a small web elite, whose views and opinions are highly valued by a small web elite.

A Google spokesperson said "Many web users are familiar with this scenario; you do a web search, and find a paltry 25% of the results are from blogs. We want to boost that figure to give bloggers a fairer crack at the whip." He went on to suggest that 95% was "more like it".

"Bloggers are the new saviours of journalism" he enthused. "Only they can save us from ourselves, with their constant self-references, inner-circle elitism and holier-than-thou pronouncements on every facet of the human condition."

Talking out of his RSS

"The changes come into effect immediately, making the lives of pitiable non-bloggers instantly more bearable, providing them with access to the insights of the self-chosen few" said the spokesperson, adding "You can catch that again on my podcast if you missed it, or subscribe to my RSS feed."


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