Apple unveil iPod 'Minima'

6th Sep 2005, 11:00 pm

Apple Computer today unveiled the latest addition to their world-beating iPod range - the Minima.

Following the success of the Mini and the Shuffle, Apple claim the minimalised new MP3 player will be a hit with budget and style conscious music lovers. CEO Steve Jobs said "We really think we've reached the zenith of form and function with this one, and our fans will love the minimalist approach."

Simple controls

One of the main criticisms of the Shuffle was it's lack of a screen and its very basic controls. But Apple has met this public opinion head-on - by removing all the controls.

The iPod minima with logo, name, license agreement and proprietary connector
The new iPod Minima.

The new white unit is a miniscule 2.5cm in length, and contains a lithium battery offering a staggering 72 hours of playback. As soon as the Minima is removed from its packaging and connected to iTunes it starts playing a random selection of music non-stop.

It continues to play until the battery runs down, and Apple claim that the fact that the battery is non-rechargeable and non-replaceable will not put off potential buyers. Steve Jobs said "Who gives a shit? There'll be a new model iPod out by the time anyone runs out of juice, so I imagine they'll all just upgrade" adding "Heh heh! Suckers."

Jonathan Ive, creator of Apple's most famous industrial designs, described the control mechanisms of the new iPod. "There are no controls" he said. "Well what do you want for sixty quid - blood?" When pressed he did describe the volume control and play-stop functions. "Okay. Look, if you pull the earphones out a bit it kinda gets quieter... a little less bassey too, so really it's got an EQ. Hey, I never thought of that! Cool. Pull the earphones out altogether and it, er, stops. Sort of."

To keep production costs down the unit comes without headphones, allowing customers to choose their own preferred devices. Ive pointed out that to make the unit as small as possible the headphone connector is a new proprietary design only available on Apple's own premier-range headphones.

The Minima is available to pre-order now (with an estimated three month waiting list) from the Apple Store.


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