Man joins debating circle for the swearing

6th Dec 2006, 12:00 am

Dr Marvin Spengler revealed today that he joined the prestigious Howard Institute Debating Circle mainly so that he could use offensive language in an academic and intellectual manner.

"In my normal life, lecturing students on particle physics, it's kind of looked down upon if I use a word like, say, 'Paki'. But in the debating circle pretty much anything goes." Dr Spengler went on to explain that "all you have to do is steer the debate around to the subject of race, sex or religion and you're away!"

"For example, you can say something like 'Oh, wasn't the 70's awful? Lots of crackers dressed up as happy nig-nogs' and nobody bats an eyelid! A room full of liberals and they all just nod sagely and agree! Amazing. Anyone gives you any grief and you just play the post-modern irony card. Beats a straight flush every time!"

"In a discussion about popular culture I managed to slip in phrases like 'smack my bitch up', 'sup, niggaz', and 'pimpin' to the mutha fukkin' max' and everyone just secretly thought how cool and in-touch I was. I love this debating chamber; it's like free speech gone mad!"

Dr Spengler has taken his interest into the mainstream, with many appearances on television as an academic pundit. "On one programme, I literally had a board with 'chink, wop, yiddo, nigger, cunt, fuck' written on it, and I had to read these words out - with a completely straight face! Can't remember what the program was about..."

In response to this story, Spengler's university Vice Chancellor stated "Fuck yourself, ho."


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