Bowls: That's some dope shit.

18th Apr 2005, 11:00 pm

'sup homes?

Yo, that crown green bowls is tha mutha-fuckin dope shit, an' that's the truth. Word.

Who gives a fuck if it's got a rep fo' bein' played exclusively by wrinkley crackers an' they bitches? What the fuck if they all dress in white like some klan meet where they's all forgot they masks an' shit? Once you start rollin' them balls man, you can see why Sir Walter Raleigh didn't want to be disturbed by no Spanish Armada shit when he be bowlin'!

Where I play, they all know's me for tha bad crown green bowls killa that I mos definitely am. I can roll sweet kissin' balls one minute; next, I'm gon' blow your ass out tha park with some whoopass balls, believe it!

I give it a little wiggle, take one step back, smoov move towards tha mat, bend down on one knee like I'm gon' lick me some crown green pussy, then I release my ball - zoom! Tha ladeez all over me when I pull that shit.

Even though they some disgustin ol' hos. It don't matter, 'cos that crown green bowls is some dope shit.


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